Our Technology


Our technologies focus on IoT, Cloud Computing, and Applications. In IoT, we develop Smart Sensor Hub that can connect various types of sensors. Sensors collect environmental data all the time and send the data back to the server on the cloud. In the domain of the Cloud Computing, distributed servers collecting data from our IoT device. Users can do their analysis or scientific computations on the data.

We focus on the applications in the domains of health system and civil infrastructure.

Civil Infrastructure:

Real-time Structure Health Monitoring (SHM) system uses technologies in these three domains. SHM provides real-time information on the current state of structures by measuring structural responses. Civil infrastructure is typically large-scale and has a wide variety of complex behaviors. The amount of the data is large and the communication is complicated. Hence, this is a particularly challenging. Our patented technologies overcome the challanges and deliver useful overall solutions.
We cooperate with university labs for device and system tests on small and real world scales, and implement the theory.

Health System:

A web portal helps clinics or hospitals to manage all the activities related to their institute, including patient's visits, insurance bills, and etc. This portal integrates the technologies in Cloud Computing and Application domains.
We work with many clinics for developing health system that can fulfill their real needs.